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Fan Badge

Under Armour

How do we get sports fans to show their love and passion for their favorite sports teams and players?

Provide fans with a wearable technology that allows them to express their fandom, and keeps them connected to the teams and players they love.

A perfect accessory for fans, our versatile Superfan Badge transforms any item into sports paraphernalia or sports apparel when attached. It’s a wearable that keeps you connected to the game, while showing everyone what being a real fan looks like. It’s designed around celebrating fans and their dedication to their team through real time visual notifications of game and player stats.

With an integrated light display, the badge is activated when there’s a game. The wearable displays different light patterns whenever your favorite player or team scores, makes a play, or anything related to the game. This wearable device is connected to a bluetooth app for customized alerts, and can also react to crowd engagement and live activity.

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