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A Higher Spirit


Santo is the world’s first mezquila (mezcal & tequila). How do you launch an innovative new spirit, targeted at millennials, who are constantly bombarded by superficial innovations?

When two great spirits, mezcal and tequila, come together, A Higher Spirit is born. A Higher Spirit is a platform idea that positions the brand as superior, premium and with a transcendent taste that leverages the mystique inherent in mezcal—creating a world even jaded, adventure-seeking millennials will be thirsty to experience and covet. It also reflects and reinforces the brand name, Santo, which means spirit.

From communications planning, strategy and positioning, to brand creative that includes film, digital, social and experiential, Narrative_, has been entrusted to launch and establish Santo into the cultural zeitgeist. A Higher Spirit carves out a distinctly competitive space for Santo. It permeates every aspect of the brand, and is at the core of an exciting and dynamic brand experience.

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