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Will Packer Productions has achieved unprecedented success with 10 number one films, and one of the most successful R-rated comedies of all time, Girls Trip. His unique understanding of the New American Mainstream audience continues to result in success that outpaces the industry by record margins. To date, Will Packer's films have earned more than $1 billion, with nine opening at number one at the box office, and 2017’s Girl’s Trip breaking box office records for an R rated comedy.


Led by acclaimed Hollywood producer Will Packer and Digital Media Executive Alix Baudin, in partnership with Discovery Communications and Universal Pictures, Will Packer Media is a first-of-its-kind TV production and branded content company, producing episodic scripted and unscripted series across television and digital platforms, compelling content for brand clients, and its own operated platforms. We connect to our audience with a credibility that has yielded unprecedented success. 


Our Mission is to unite an exclusive group of exceptionally talented individuals who are in the forefront of their artistry. Collective Edge Management is dedicated to creating a community of innovators who continuously push boundaries, inspire one another, and redefine what’s possible.


xoNecole serves as the leading lifestyle and empowerment platform for Millennial women of color. xoNecole inspires a community of over 4 million women to live their best lives through dynamic web and social content, phenomenal events and one-of-a-kind experiences. In addition, xoNecole provides career, relationship, beauty, travel, wellness and self-care articles that both entertain and inform readers, giving them a safe space to let their voices be heard and their light shine.


WP Narrative_ is an award-winning agency built around a ground-breaking content innovation studio that creates experiences for all screens, platforms and IRL, including scripted and unscripted content, experiential, campaigns, and proprietary products. Through a blend of strategy, creative, innovation, and cultural intelligence, we tell authentic stories in ways audiences care about.

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