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Visa RushCard


Mobile video has exposed a decades old problem of police violence. Visa Rushcard, with a brand promise to always be there for its community wanted to address this tragic, yet ongoing issue.



Based on the typical user experience of turning a phone to get a better perspective, we created the first interactive film triggered by device orientation. Then, we combined our technology with creative grounded in the authenticity of spoken word, and redefined storytelling as a mobile experience.


In this mobile first campaign, all shot on an iPhone by renowned documentary filmmaker, Gillian Laub, spoken word poetry is used to tell a powerful story about perception, via a series of films that hit on cultural and social issues. To make the experience seamless we developed a mobile video platform that could dynamically edit two videos simultaneously. We then scaled the technology to work across all mobile devices, cellular networks, and wifi strengths, reaching a national optimization level. The entire UX was intuitive and invisible – no buttons, no app download, just a simple turn of the phone.


To watch the films, visit on your mobile phone or tablet.



27M Reach

24% Increase in positive sentiment

88% Record view through rate

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