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Chef Curry Food Truck

Under Armour

How do you rise above the clutter in a city full of superstars?

Leverage culture and a sense of humor to engage consumers.

In support of Stephen Curry’s shoe launch, the Curry One, Under Armour asked us this very question, wanting to create a splashy, yet authentic experience during All Star Weekend 2015.

To do it, we created a Chef Curry food truck, inspired by Drake’s song, “0 to 100”, the lyrics of which made reference to Stephen Curry as a chef.

With help from Stephen’s food-blogging wife, Ayesha, we curated a menu of tasty food and curry sauces, then sent the truck cruising through the streets of New York City.

Fans and New Yorkers who interacted with the truck were asked to “stir the pot” on social by posting photos and tweets of their experience with the truck, which included food and a range of Curry One merch.

To surprise and delight fans, we even had Stephen hop on board and dole out food and merchandise to fans surrounding the truck. A few fans were even awarded a pair of autographed Curry One sneakers, further intensifying the hype around the sneaker and food truck experience.

176K+ Impressions

3K Social engagements

8% Increase in UA social following

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