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Universal Pictures

Introduce Ride Along to the coveted, untapped Vine audience.

Create a Vine contest using a humorous incentive to drive submissions and talent / influencers to help promote it.

….Everywhere except Vine, Twitter’s native video app which at the time, was relatively untapped by brands, and completely dominated by their target demographic.

To tap into the Vine audience, we created #CrackTheIce, a Vine contest where users had to make Ice Cube laugh in 6-seconds or less, for a chance to win $500.

To kick it off, we worked with Kevin Hart to create a teaser video to help drive submissions, then partnered with six Vine influencers to help organically spread the contest onto the platform.

In less than two weeks, we had over 1,000 submissions living on a custom-built microsite, and ten finalists to present to Ice Cube.

In the end, Cube cracked, and three lucky winners walked away with $500 each, and a place in Vine history.

1K+ Submissions 

400K+ Social engagements

32K+ Video Views

11M+ Impressions

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