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Curry Two

Under Armour

In collaboration with Foot Locker, Under Armour wanted to launch the fan-inspired Curry Two in a way that celebrated Dub Nation and the impact they had on the shoe design.

Show the world what it means to be a citizen of Dub Nation by celebrating them on social and hosting an interactive experience that delivers unprecedented access.

Start by lighting up Dub Nation via a meet the nation photo and video social series set to the sound of the loudest fans in the NBA. Then to unveil the shoe, we invited 500 fans to an event, and transformed a basketball gym into a Curry Arcade featuring stations with challenges inspired by Stephen’s many skills. Surrounding the space were large format portraits of the fans of Dub Nation, along with UA product photography. The focal point of the event was center court where Curry would later make an appearance. We created a sound-responsive light meter on center court that reacted to the roar of the crowd. The goal was to get Dub Nation to be their loudest ever in order to launch the Curry Two. To hit the apex, we added in a projection mapping of thousands of social videos. The fans were heard, they reached the apex of the meter, Stephen Curry emerged, and the Curry Two Shoe was launched.

Special edition Curry Twos were created and featured throughout the experience that projected the actual sounds of fans cheering at Oracle Arena leaving attendees with a sensorial feeling of Dub Nation emanating from the shoe itself.

We concluded the event by premiering a short film, Feel the Roar, a tribute to the fans, and a rally cry for Dub Nation to continue to STAY LOUD which we later released on youtube and twitter (99% positive engagement), spiking mentions of #DubNation on social.


15.2M+ Impressions

2,079 Social Mentions

99% Positive Net Sentiment

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