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Drone Dunk


How do you elevate the classic Oreo Dunk Challenge in order to draw attention to this iconic American brand?

You take it to new heights figuratively and literally, and execute a stunt that’s impossible to ignore. We executed the idea based on Weber Shandwick’s idea to use cinematic drone technology to bring the Oreo Drone Dunk challenge to life by dropping Oreos into cups of milk from the height of the Statue of Liberty.

When PR powerhouse Weber Shandwick concepted the “Oreo Drone Dunk”, they reached out to Narrative as a production partner to fulfill the ambition of their idea.

Drones were the star of stunt and needed to look like Oreos with custom fabrications, while still being able to fly. They also needed to be able to carry and release actual Oreos. Through prototyping, iterating and testing, the drones achieved branding, flight ability, accuracy and flight height.

House of Narrative director, Lucas McGowen, commissioned drone pilots for the Oreo drops, pilots for the cinema drones, and 4 terrestrial cameras. No fly zones, FAA permits, NY and NJ Film Commissions, NYPD, NJPD, Coast Guard, an armada of boats (tugs, barges, picture boats, safety boats, and a floating video village) were all woven together into a complex production that overtook the Hudson River.

Weber Shandwick launched the stunt on National Oreo Day and the story achieved nationwide impact appearing in People, USA Today, GMA, and on Youtube.

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