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Hit The Floor Dance Experience


For three seasons, Hit the Floor kept fans coming back for more sex, drama, and dance. But after a two year hiatus, how do you bring back all the hype for the fourth season?

To create excitement for the fiery fourth season, we brought the Devil Girls to the streets. Our campaign mixed interactive out of home with real life performances in contextual locations where our audience was ready to be entertained.

In key cities across the country, life-size wild postings lured pedestrians with a provocative call to action: Turn Me On. With a Snapchat code, posters came to life via an Augmented Reality portal—transporting fans to the center of the LA Devils court. And, a unique Devil Girls filter gave fans a reason to share.

To build on the engagement, we took the Devil Girls to three locations where our target thrives. For two nights, The Devil Girls hit the courts with halftime shows at Harlem’s iconic Dyckman Basketball games. At Atlanta’s Tailgate, the dancers went full out for HBCU students. And in Chicago, our dancers showed their pride at the Pride Parade where they performed on a float alongside Rupaul’s Drag Race star, The Vixen. At each location the Devil Girls were met with a raving response.

By bringing the Devil Girls to our audience in surprising and engaging ways, we gave everyone a reason to tune in to Season 4 on BET.

1M+ Impressions

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