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Michael Strahan Collection


How do we extend the Michael Strahan Brand into the fashion category of suits and style.

We created an integrated campaign around #thestrahanrules positioning Michael Strahan as a fashion leader and rulemaker. The campaign idea lived across platforms including commercials, print ads, wild postings, and social media. We also developed a digital Look Book/Rule Book that showcased the entire collection and all the rules - and it was shoppable.

Building off our key insight that many guys don’t know how to wear a suit; and often the suit ends up wearing them, #TheStrahanRules campaign was born.

How does the modern man truly rock a suit? Just ask Michael Strahan. #TheStrahanRules give men the life and style tips they need to look good, feel good and get that swagger they all want. In the form of an ongoing content series across all mediums, Michael’s voice shines through as a beacon of style, skills and perspective. #TheStrahanRules are fun with a clever wink, but more importantly, they’ve become a forum for men to get advice and engage with, providing essential information that can really have an effect on how they look and feel.

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