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Natural Born Hitters

Under Armour

Extend Under Armour’s presence from the field, to the streets.

Go beyond a traditional digital campaign by igniting a broader cultural conversation that expands the reach of the football category.

We worked with Under Armour to combine the two, creating a unique mixtape of tracks inspired from their spot, Ready for August, which helped promote the spot and connect the brand to listeners both on, and off the field.

We kicked off the campaign with a digital mixtape, Natural Born Hitters, which featured three original tracks inspired by Under Armour’s spot, Ready for August.

Each of the tracks focused on a different part of an athlete’s journey from training to game day, and featured a mix of music produced by Pharrell Williams as well as inspirational sound bytes from an unreleased Ray Lewis speech.

To extend the experience to the masses, we invited consumers to participate in remixing one track for a chance to be featured as the new soundtrack for Ready for August. To help them do it, we created the “Hitmaker App,” a custom, web-based production tool, featuring pre-recorded sounds and a drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy for people of all levels to compose a track.

The app lived on, which also hosted the original mixtape, a sneak peek of the spot, top UGC submissions, additional content, and eventually the winner / runner-ups.

The winning track, which was chosen among hundreds of submissions, was set as the new soundtrack to Ready for August, and aired nationally during the first Monday Night Football game of the 2013 NFL season.

The mixtape along with the contest were distributed across various online and offline platforms, including: Soundcloud, top music, entertainment and lifestyle publications/sites, broadcast television, QR activated OOH, and select retail locations which carried physical copies of the mixtape at the point of sale.


202M+ Total Impressions

33M+ Digital Impressions

138K+ Track Plays

128K+ Mixtape downloads

30+ Press, blog pick-ups

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