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Make Moves

Visa RushCard

Customers have a strong, albeit functional relationship with the card. We need to give them reasons to have a relationship with the brand, not just the card.

Consumers want to feel more in control of their finances and work toward something better than their current situation. From a product standpoint, the most appealing aspect of the RushCard is the 2-day early direct deposit feature.

Show how the functional benefits, especially the 2-day early direct deposit feature, can help people make moves, get ahead, and achieve the emotionally meaningful things in life.

Narrative embarked on a complete make-over for the brand. Starting with a new brand identity, film and website design.The new MAKE MOVES campaign has helped consumers connect, with not just with the card, but with the brand, in a powerfully emotional way that they could identify with. MAKE MOVES has re-established the brand and, most importantly, driven results. We’ve seen an increase in positive sentiment, a 29% increase in verified applications from branded search and an increase of new accounts by 28% vs. year ago. MAKE MOVES, as a campaign message, however, goes a step further. While RushCard helps our customers make moves – RushCard is also dedicated to make moves as a company: Driving advocacy for important issues that matter to our community.

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