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The traditional focus group, of forcing consumers together in an artificial environment, is preventing us from finding real insights that can propel our clients businesses.

Invent a new way to uncover and find answers to real brand problems.

So, we created The SaloN_. A place where we bring innovators, tastemakers, thought-leaders and real consumers together, in a relaxed, natural environment, designed to stimulate dynamic, open and honest discussion.

The SaloN_ is an engaging get together, with a purpose. It’s a dinner party, meets a brainstorm session, meets a focus group, held in exclusive locations curated specifically for a brand. The evening can take many shapes, from dinner with a celebrity chef, to a midnight store visit. We select our locations as carefully as our guests. People mingle, argue, borrow, and swap ideas with each other through a mediated process we design. In The SaloN_ we guide the conversation with thought-provoking, industry-relevant questions, to help discover something truly new about a brand.

At The SaloN_ we don’t collect data. We uncover insights, detect business problems, discover new product benefits, recognize evolving behavioral patterns, and sometimes, invent something new.

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