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Shayla Cowan
Chief of Staff & Producer

Shayla Cowan was named Chief of Staff of Will Packer Productions and Will Packer
Media in 2018.  In this role, Ms. Cowan manages and oversees all of the operational and
administrative activities of both companies. She also advises Mr. Packer on the
company’s marketing, communications and business strategies.  Shayla Cowan
provides support on the development and production of the company’s films, television
shows, digital programming and other projects.
Ms. Cowan joined Mr. Packer’s company in 2008 as a crew member on the film “Stomp
the Yard 2: Homecoming” and subsequently became Mr. Packer’s executive assistant. 
Shayla is an indispensable member of Mr. Packer’s film production team. 
Shayla Cowan produced “Wendy Williams: The Movie” which aired on Lifetime in 2021
and was an Associate Producer for “Girls Trip,” “Night School,” “Little,” “What Men
Want,” “Breaking In” and “Almost Christmas.” She also earned film credits for “Think Like
a Man,” “Think Like a Man Too,” “Ride Along,” “Ride Along 2,” “No Good Deed,”
“Wedding Ringer “ and “Straight Out of Compton.” Will Packer and Ms. Cowan were
selected as Producers for the 2022 Academy Awards 94 th Oscars Ceremony. They are
the first African American producing team in Oscar history.
Shayla was named a Culture Creators 2021 Empowered Women honoree and is
a Next Gem Femm mentor for the Femme It Forward program which is dedicated
to the advancement of young women of color.  

Ms. Cowan divides her time between Los Angeles, Ca and Atlanta, Georgia.

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