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Brand Platform


Soundwall is a tech start-up with a totally new kind of product: wall art that resonates sound. The product was on the market for three years but still hadn’t found its voice. People had a hard time understanding exactly what it was, how it worked, and the need for it. Most people assumed it was art with a traditional built in speaker, instead of a whole new type of technology that distributed sound in a completely different way.

Create communications that explains in a simple way, what it is, how it works, and, in a meaningful and relevant way, communicate its benefit and role it plays in people’s lives.

Soundwall had firmly rooted itself in the art world, after all, it’s a beautiful piece of art you hang on the wall. However, the truth was that what really made this product unique was the technology behind the sound, and they could more than compete on sound quality. This opened up a new way to talk about the product and created a greater benefit and need in the market.

What followed was the creation of a new brand platform idea: A Whole New Way To Experience Sound. A new tagline: Eye-catching Sound. And, a new visual design language that helped communicate function. This idea, design and positioning has helped inform every piece of communications for the brand, starting with a totally revamped website, sales language, brand book and film. Soundwall is now more than a piece of art, it is an art and sound solution.

For a product that was originally hard to understand we helped amplify its voice, literally, and helped open up a new market space.

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