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The Quad Pop Up Salon


The Quad on BET, is a television drama about a historically black university.
To increase viewership for the second season, we needed to attract more of the show’s target audience—30 to 40 year old African American women.

Go to where they live.

The beauty salon is a destination for weekly community get-togethers, where our target is organically hanging out and enjoying idle time. So, to reach women where they’re primed for an entertainment experience, we created The Quad Salon. We turned traditional salon dryers into a modern day entertainment experience.

We created industrial designed 3D printed hoods, seamlessly integrated with AR and video technology, to work in concert with existing salon dryers. Users could choose various lengths of curated content based on drying times. The show content played on a screen via augmented reality so that users could still see what was happening around them.

What was typically a lonely, obligatory time under the dryer, was suddenly an entertainment experience worth sharing.

The Quad Salon launched in NYC featuring celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen, famous for Rihanna’s most celebrated looks. We invited editors, influencers, and tastemakers to experience our next-gen hair dryers. We then took over key salons in Atlanta and Chicago.

Through innovation and an acute understanding of our audience, we reimagined the salon experience, leveraging where our audience lives and becoming the center of their conversation.

1K+ Experienced the dryers
55K+ Likes
9.3M Reach

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