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Theater of the Mind Experience


To promote BET's The Bobby Brown Story, we needed to create an experience that rivaled Bobby Brown's larger than life persona.

An experiential high tech art installation - Bobby Brown's Theater of the Mind.

Collaborating with CoolShit Art Collective, we built a giant, three-story tall inflatable head of Bobby Brown for fans in Harlem and Atlanta.

As fans waited in line to enter the installation, we created a mixed reality experience with Magic Leap so they could virtually meet Bobby and play his gold records even before going inside his mind.

Inside fans could literally interact with Bobby’s thoughts as they were projected onto an ephemeral layer of mist creating an immersive dream-like experience depicting the highs, lows, accomplishments, and regrets of his infamous life. Brain synapses and holograms of milestones from his life were part of the user journey inside his mind.

In the end, crowds lined up for the most instagrammable moment of the summer and social media was buzzing about the experience, which all helped The Bobby Brown Story premiere to record ratings for BET.

600k+ Total Impressions (on-site)
2.3k+ Went inside the mind of Bobby Brown
100% Smiles

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