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Tricia Clarke-Stone

Head of WP Narrative_

Tricia Clarke-Stone, Head of WP Narrative_, brings her decades-long experience at the intersection of marketing, branding, tech, media and entertainment to the branded content division of Will Packer Media. Under her leadership, and through a blend of creative strategy, innovation and cultural intelligence, the award-winning agency creates unique experiences and tells authentic stories that connect brands and consumers.


Ms. Clarke-Stone co-founded Narrative as an experiential communications agency that activates brands within subcultures in meaningful ways. She led campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands including Under Armour, Showtime, Samsung and JCPenney. Before that Ms. Clarke-Stone was President of Russell Simmons’ Global Grind, a viral news platform that curates online content for urban millennials. She started her career at Emmis Communications, launching the company’s first digital division and creating multilayered cross-platform campaigns for Puma, iTunes, Fox and EA Sports.  

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