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Showtime wanted to promote a new comedy series called, White Famous, about a talented young comic’s rise to fame. But Showtime didn’t want to just push their message out, they wanted to reach their audience in an organic way.

To bring the shows hilarity to life, we gave everyone a taste of fame with the VIPP: Very Important Porta Potty.

Just a week before the premiere, thousands of music fans from across the US gathered at the A3C music festival in Atlanta. And, although they came to see their favorite acts, at some point, they all had to experience the dreadful…port-a-potties.

So we brought them a pimped out potty. Starting with a walk down the red carpet, where fans were escorted by a personal concierge. Inside, the potty was covered in tufted leather paneling and velvet wallpaper, where warm recessed lighting and a fireplace set the mood.

When users lifted the leather embossed seat, the crackling fireplace suddenly turned into a high resolution screen that played the hilarious trailer, as they sat comfortably on the throne.

In the end, nature’s call, helped Showtime’s new comedy White Famous, steal the show.

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