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Gillian Laub

Create a web destination/experience to share Gillian’s extensive body of work and her vision as a photographer, director, storyteller and most importantly - an artist.

Build a fully responsive website with a minimalist design aesthetic that takes users on a journey to discover Gillian’s amazing body of work. In addition, we identified a new and unique way to dimensionalize Gillian’s portrait photography by creating an interactive audio and visual experience called What’s Left.

We catalogued Gillian’s entire portfolio and organized it in a way that tells a story. Using a simple accordion style navigation and a persistent scroll function, the hierarchy system provides visitors with a glimpse into her work and the ability to take a deeper dive into selected projects. While working with Gillian on the site, we discovered that she has a collection of voicemail messages left by close friends and family who are also subjects in many of her portraits. So we decided to leverage the emotional, humorous, and heartfelt voicemail messages to create an interactive sonic experience that would bring these photographs to life. Through this multimedia experience, visitors are able to explore her family portraits via sight and sound. They can also become a part of the story by leaving their own voicemail.

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